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Cultural Activities

Performing daily prayers and other Islamic rituals

  • Disseminating Islamic culture
  • Conducting investigation and survey to find Islamic cultural needs of the university students and faculty members and fulfilling them
  • Developing and deepening life-giving culture of the Holy Quran
  • Improving the Holy Quran teachings qualitatively and quantitatively
  • Considering and making cultural CDs and presenting them to the university students and faculty members
  • Utilizing new tools and modern technology to disseminate Islamic teachings and culture
  • Strengthening a divine thralldom spirit
  • Holding student camping activities and visits
  • Enhancing the culture of prayer
  • Establishing student and religious associations
  • Holding art exhibitions
  • Developing specialized Quranic trainings according to students’ needs in reading, reciting, meaning, translation, and interpretation fields
  • Supporting innovative movements and plans in disseminating the Quranic culture
  • Holding cultural and reading competitions
  • Enhancing enjoining the good deeds and forbidding the evil acts
  • Providing cultural and religious counseling
  • Promoting Hijab culture
  • Holding religious and cultural celebrations and ceremonies
  • Sending students and faculty members to Haj pilgrimage (Umrah)
  • Holding cultural council meetings
  • Holding scientific and cultural workshops for students and faculty members
  • Appreciating and honoring the cultural elite
  • Appreciating those who are highly active in prayer ceremonies
  • Holding extracurricular classes
  • Holding conferences and symposiums on culture
  • Holding activities such as the Quran and Etrat, Tarh-e-Andishe-ye-Pouya