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Office of Organizing Conferences

Conference on regional, national and international organized By
Islamic Azad University Khomeinishahr Branch (Isfahan)
No. Conference Title Domain Conference Year
۱ The First International Conference on The Human Resources Flourishing In Country’s Structural Development International May,2008
۲ International Conference of Recent Advances in Engineering-ICRAE2013 International March ,2013
۳  ۲nd International Congress of Recent Advances in Engineering-ICRAE2014 International February,2014
۱ National Conference on Faiz Al-Eslam National January ,2004
۲ National Conference Prophet sun of knowledge and religious knowledge National April,2007
۳ The effect of the increase in oil revenues increased job opportunities and reduce unemployment National December,2008
۴ ۱st National Conference of Mechanical Engineering-NCME2008 National January ,2008
۵ ۲nd National Conference of Mechanical Engineering-NCME2009 National February,2009
۶ ۱st National Economics Conference National April,2010
۷ ۳rd National Conference of Mechanical Engineering-NCME2010 National Februeary, 2011
۸ The First National Conference on Conseling and Guidance National Februeary, 2011
۹ ۲nd National Economics Conference National Februeary, 2011
۱۰ National Conference of Electrical Engineering-REEC2010 National December,2010
۱۱ National Civil Engineering Conference -CCE2011 National April, 2011
۱۲ National Social Work Conference National April, 2011
۱۳ ۴th National Conference of Mechanical Engineering-NCME2011 National November, 2011
۱۴  ۲ndConseling and Guidance National Februeary, 2012
۱۵ ۳rd National Conference on Civil Engineering -3NCCE2012 National Februeary, 2012
۱۶ ۲nd National Conference of Electrical Engineering-NEEC2011 National November, 2011
۱۷ ۲nd National Social Work Conference National August,2012
۱۸ ۳rd National Economics Conference National Februeary, 2012
۱۹ Mahdaviat National Congress National April, 2013
۲۰ ۱st National Entrepreneurship Conference National November, 2012
۲۱ ۴th National Economics Conference National Februeary, 2012
۲۲  ۳rdGuidance National April, 2013
۲۳ National Resistance Economy Conference National February,2014
۲۴ ۲nd National Congress of Mahdaviat National May,2014
۲۵ ۷th National Conference of Mechanical Engineering-NCME2015 National March ,2015
۲۶ ۴th National Conference of Psychology, Consultation and social work National May,2015
۲۷ National Conference of Energy National December,2015
۲۸ ۸th National Conference of Mechanical Engineering-NCME2016 National February,2016
۱ Regional Conference on Social Problems of Adolescents and Youth Zone Regional January ,2000
۲ Regional Conference on Problems and Solutions of psychological, social, economic and productive employment Regional July ,2002
۳ Regional Conference on Industrial Relations and University Regional April ,2005
۴ Conference on Regional Development Plan, Challenges and Values Regional May,2005
۵ ۱st Regional Conference of Psychology Advertise Regional February,2008
۶ Regional Conference on Women in modifying consumption patterns Regional February,2009
۷   Regional Electrical Engineering Conference Regional April,2010
۸ ۱  Regional Civil Engineering Conference -1CCE2010 Regional May, 2010
۹ ۲nd Regional Conference of Psychology Advertise Regional May, 2010
۱۰ Regional Conference on Tourism Industry Regional May, 2011